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Percentage of smart homes among 300 000 homes built each year.

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Property developers

Become the referring qualified professional of one or many property programs within your area, including between 10 to 60 properties.

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Get hot and qualified leads from property buyers. Already more than 2500 estimations done through our platform.

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You will get hot leads picked up and qualified by ourselves within your area.

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Become a leader with your industry by working with us

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You need to follow our certification process and sign our chart. *Subject to the approval of technical skills

Hot leads : private buyer

50-250€ HT

/ Project

We call the client to check his project. You just pay if the client confirm the quote you made

Entire property program

On demand

/ Property program

Become the referring qualified professional of a specific property program (10 to 60 properties) within your area

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