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A Smarthome, a mix of features

Maison connectée en 3 dimensions

Smart home alarm

A siren can be triggered and you’ll be notified that something suspicious has been detected.

CCTV camera

Keep an eye on your house and be aware of any suspect movement.

Smart smoke alarm

Be alerted, even from distance, when there’s a sudden change of temperature or fire.

Smart Flood detecto

Be notified as soon as you have a leak in your home.

Management of heating and air conditioning systems

Manage your smart thermostat from distance via an app or through a specific set up scenario (For instance set up perfect temperature for your awakening).

Smart plug

Control from distance all plugged devices and analyse consumption in real time.

Smart lighting management

Manage your lightings from distance via an app or through a specific set up scenario. With the “automation” option, lightings will act accordingly to your movements.

Roller blind management

Control your roller blind event from distance via an app or through a specific set up scenario (For instance, open roller blind at 8am every day from Monday to Friday).

Multi room audio system

pick up your best tracks for each room of your home and enjoy the best soundsystem.

Universal remote control and smart buttons

Control all your multimedia devices thanks to one remote control and launch a set up scenario from one button.

How it works ?

You always dreamt of a perfect awakening ? The light comes on gradually, you can smell hot coffee waiting for you, shutters open automatically and your favorite playlist is already on ? We can tell you how this story is the result of a good combination of smart features working together.


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